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Wage and Hour

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wage_hourBush Gottlieb has a growing litigation practice dedicated to the representation of employees in wage and hour claims against their employers, including disputes concerning wages, non payment of overtime or preparation time, vacation pay, rest and meal period violations, and failure to abide by local living wage ordinances. This practice is devoted to enforcing local, state and federal laws regulating employee pay, on both an individual and class action basis.

Non exempt employees are entitled to time and a half or double pay for overtime, and are entitled to receive timely pay for all hours worked, including time spent working during lunch or other breaks, and time spent in necessary preparation for work. Employers sometimes illegally misclassify employees as supervisors or managers or otherwise inaccurately define them as within overtime-exempt categories to avoid properly paying for overtime, fail to pay them gratuities or other compensation due them, and/or do not give employees breaks, as required by law. Bush Gottlieb’s wage and hour practice group pierces these common workplace abuses to ensure employees are properly compensated in accordance with all applicable laws.

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