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Apr 28, 2016


The National Labor Relations Board last month issued a precedent-setting complaint alleging that misclassification is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Based on arguments set forth by Counsel for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the NLRB complaint finds that Intermodal Bridge Transport has interfered with port truck drivers’ right to organize under the NLRA by misclassifying those drivers as independent contractors. The NLRB complaint is groundbreaking because, for the first time, it claims that the very act of misclassification constitutes an unfair labor practice by effectively sending the message to workers that they do not have the right to organize a union. This development will give a critical boost to the organizing efforts of thousands of misclassified drivers at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach as well as millions of other misclassified workers across the country.

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